Kobolds and Cheetaurs and Goblins! Oh My!

Originally released under the name Hero’s Quest (until trademark problems forced them to rename the series), the Quest for Glory series consists of five games, Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero, Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, Quest for Glory III: Wages of War, Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness and Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.  Each game follows the same hero and follows directly on the events of the previous game. Each of the five games is set in a different locale reminiscent of real life locations, each with their own unique folk lore.

Quest for Glory I Box art.

So, Quest for Glory I.  Your character has just graduated from the Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence School and is seeking to make a name for himself when he hears about the distant land of Spielburg, a land with a heavy Germanic overtone. Spielburg is plagued by brigands but our wannabe hero soon discovers that brigands are not the only dangers lurking there.
He soon gets embroiled in mysteries involving the cursed children of the local baron, a powerful spellcaster called Baba Yaga and powerful wizards like Erasmus and his familiar Fenrus. He also battles monsters and enemies like Brigands, Kobolds, Goblins, Sauruses and Cheetaurs.  Through his journeys he is not only hindered by enemies but also aided by dryads, wizards, Meeps (small furry creatures) and an array of other characters.

The Sheriff’s office in the town of Spielburg

The game uses the classic text parser command interface familiar to players who enjoy games such as the original Police Quest, Kings Quest and Space Quest games where commands are executed by typing commands such as “Ask about Goblins”,“Throw Dagger” or “Look at Tree”.  It’s EGA graphics, while outdated now, were bordering on the revolutionary when it was originally released in 1989 and are bright and colourful and help to set the mood in the whimsical adventure. For players who did not enjoy the text parser interface a VGA remake was released by Sierra a few years later making use of the familiar point and click interface using various icons for “Look”, “Speak”, “Take/Interact” and “Inventory” and dialogue made use of dialogue trees where asking certain questions would provide you with new dialogue options.

Side by side comparison of the EGA version and the VGA rerelease.

Unlike the other series created by Sierra your character has various stats and attributes. As your character advances and performs various actions repeatedly your various stats will increase.  Fighting monsters will increase stats such as Strength and Agility and also provide you with much needed gold to buy items such as health potions and armour.

The Stats Page

In the beginning of the game you are also made to choose a character class namely Fighter, Thief or Magic User.  While each character is essentially the same and the class has no effect on the storyline of the game, each class has slightly different skills which are not available to the other classes and side quests and puzzles unique to each class. For example a Fighter gets to train with the castles weapon master, a Magic User gets to use and search for various spells hidden around the environment and a Thief needs to find the local thieves guild and prove his skills.

Character Selection Screen

The story is simple yet complex enough to not make you lose interest and the writing is humourous and whimsical at times with references to Monty Python and various other literary sources hidden throughout the game.  Easter eggs hidden in the game also make reference to other Sierra games and characters. Both literary references and Easter eggs were updated in the VGA release including a cameo appearance by Earl, the father in the old TV series “Dinosaurs”.
One of the best features of the series is the ability to save your character at the end of the game and import them into the next game keeping your stats and abilities intact as well as your character name. It is a feature which has been sadly ignored in other games.

All in all a stunning game and if you wish to spend some time on a decent puzzle/rpg/adventure game then Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero is weel worth looking into.


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