Whips, Germans And Labyrinths. No It’s Not A Sex Club But An Indy Adventure!

Probably one of the most iconic characters ever created, Indiana Jones is the perfect protagonist for an adventure game.

In Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Indy is once again pitting his wits against the Third Reich and their fanatical search for mystical artefacts.

Cd Version Box Art

The game starts with Indy crashing through a window into what appears to be a museum, muttering “Alright Jones. How’re you going to find that statue in all this junk?”  After  a brief sequence that sees Indy bungling around falling through floors, being conked on the head by a statue and frightened by a cat, Indy emerges from, as it turns out, the archives of Barnett College with a small, strange statue of undefined origins. Upon returning to his office Indy is met by his friend and colleague Marcus Brody, and Mr Smith, a tall blonde and blue eyed gentleman with a pronounced German accent. After discovering a small coppery bead hidden in the base of the statue it is revealed that Mr Smith is in fact Klaus Kerner, a Nazi agent.  Clues found in Kerners’ coat after a struggle point to an old dig partner turned psychic, Sofia Hapgood.  Indy then heads off to Boston to find her before the Reich does. Together they search for the “Lost Dialogue of Plato”, a document that chronicles the actual location of Atlantean outposts and instructions for entering Atlantis itself.

The Scumm interface makes for a simple gameplay system

Once the book is found the game deviates from typical adventure games by offering you one of three paths you could take through the game.  Sophia decides to do a “reading” for Indy. Based on your choices in the first part of the game she recommends a course of action, but Indy still has the ability to choose one of the other paths. The paths are named Team, Wits and Fists.

Team mode teams you up with Sophia as you go through the game. For the most part Sophia merely acts as a sounding board providing you with a few hints but occasionally allowing you to switch to Sophia to solve a puzzle.
Wits is arguably the harder mode as it requires a lot more mental exertions to work through the game. Puzzles include racing a car around Monte Carlo, crashing into Nazis till they are knocked out in an attempt to rescue a man who has one of the three discs you will require through the game. Upon rescuing him you are told that he threw the disc out of the car window, you then have to walk through the city map, checking every street corner to determine the corner of two streets where the disc should be lying.
Fists mode is probably the mode that most closely resembles the movies. Many times to progress through the game you will required to have fistfights with various Nazi soldiers.

Dialogue options replace the inventory and action menu

The last section of the game, entering Atlantis, follows the same path for all three modes. This includes seeing you reunited with Sophia, dealing with her spirit guide Nur-Ab-Sal and ultimately discovering the dark secret of Atlantis.

The final confrontation at the heart of Atlantis

Using the Scumm interface that is the hallmark of the Lucasarts games the game system is simple and intuitive. The humour is typically Indiana Jones and Lucasarts with a few references to movies and games thrown in the mix at times. The voicing is well done and the music helps to set the mood most adequately.

All in all a very good game with plenty of replay value that will keep your head scratching for some time. Adventure game fans and Indy fans alike are bound to enjoy this gem.


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