Get your motor runnin’…. Head out on the highway…. Lookin’ for adventure, and whatever comes our way

Motorcycles, leather, chainsaws, an evil corporation and a smart mouthed yet tough protagonist. Welcome to the world of the 1995 Lucasarts classic: “Full Throttle”.

Original Cover art.

Another masterpiece from veteran game creator Tim Shafer, Full Throttle puts the player in the role of a strong jawed, gruff voiced man named Ben. In a dystopian future where hover technology is replacing conventional vehicles, Ben leads the Polecats, a motorcycle gang. After chance roadside meeting with the aging head of Corley Motors, Ben finds himself caught up in the middle of a plot that includes evil corporations, family secrets, sabotage, murder and quite a bit of ass-kicking and smart remarks.

The Hero enjoying the open road.
While Full Throttle still uses the old SCUMM interface it replaces the old text based action menu and adjoining inventory system with a graphic based interaction wheel and inventory, a similar system to the one that would later be used in “The Curse of Monkey Island.”
On the left hand side of the wheel is a fist which is used for “Use”, “Grab/pick up” and “Hit”.  The skull in the center has two areas that can be selected, namely the eyes for the “Look”command or the tongue for “Speak” or “Taste” and finally on the right hand side of the wheel is a picture of a boot which is simply used for the “Kick” command, a command that is used a lot more than you would imagine.

The interaction wheel.

Part of the gameplay early on in the game involves fighting other bikers with an array of weapons ranging from sand to a plank, a chain to a chainsaw and various other devices to deliver pain. The primary gameplay though will be familiar to adventure game fans, namely moving from one location to the other, talking to everyone you can and solving puzzles, some of which involve items from all over the game. The puzzles in the game are well written and interesting to play and occasionally quite humourous, as in the case of a puzzle requiring a big box of battery powered toy bunnies.

Two examples of the weapons that will be used during the course of the game.

A great story and fun gameplay mixed with fun puzzles, witty dialogue and a voice cast that includes the talents of Mark Hamil (The Joker, Luke Skywalker), Full Throttle is a little known and highly under appreciated gem and an absolute MUST play for any one interested in the adventure game genre.


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